July 30, 2018

I did a thing.

I picked up this ugly ass sportster last month for less than you buy the forks for on eBay. I immediately got to work making it less horrible looking. 

The dude I bought it from had a long, boring story about the title, so I made some moves and got my hands on ol' purp for even less $.


Had my dude @getrichordiemining make me some decals. 

TWT Mike brought the Go Fast goodness. 

Make wheelies dank again.

Shout out to Rouser for the tuning help, Sean at Grim for the parts, Mike at TWT for the points cover,  and to those I bought things from for making cool parts (Kim @ BCM, Andy @ Pangea Speed, Lowbrow, and whoever I am forgetting.)

And of course the crazy kids at the MoCo had to go and release their version of it the day after I finished mine. 

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