May 29, 2009

Giovanni Bussei

This dude knows how to ride Supermoto!

TBVS Thunderbird Very Sport

Zeke just sent this over to me. Awesome bike. I f I get another TBS, I'm doing exactly this. Tyts.

May 28, 2009

Ms. Elspeth Beard - first of many sorts

Nick Sanders after we were pulled over for speeding in a small town in PA.

Elspeth Beard is one of a select band of bold women to ride a motorcycle and bicycle around the world, and she was the first Englishwoman to do so. She achieved this feat a quarter of a century ago, in the days before sat-nav, internet, email and mobile phones. I had the opportunity to ride with her and Nick Sanders Back in 2005 in North America for a bit. Patrick, one of our fellow B'falcs, and Elspeth are cousins. Patrick ran the support systems for a globe excursion back in 2004, and helped out again in 2005 with the North American portion. Great people and great riding.


125cc inline four monkey bike

Monkey bikes, the 50cc Z series mini bikes, are pretty popular in some euro countries. Some fans of the little feller engineer very nutty modifications, like this 125cc inline 4 cylinder engine for instance. It’s so small it looks like a model but it’s a real engine and sounds killah.

Mac Motorcycles

This is a new British motorcycle company who is putting a crapass Buell Blast power plant into a newly refined streetfighter. What a waste of a choice design. They were probably able to acquire the motors for two slaps across the mouth because not even a jabronie is willing to buy a pile of powerless Chinese made crapola with a USA tag on it. Enjoy. -Urbanek

Ride out to Hell

That was really a "Hell of a Bowl". Who the F tows a boat with a GTI??? Whattass.

Falconette's first ride she did over 200km! Atta minx!

May 24, 2009

May 22, 2009

Best save EVER.

Jason Lee - Falcon Motorcycles

I've always been a fan of Lee back in my skateboarding days, and I still appreciate his enthusiasm for photography and motorbikes. Cheers JL. Badass Falcon Umph.

Desmo Harley

Chris Barber fabbed this DesmoHarley, his own unique Harley Davidson engine with Ducati heads, and it is a beauty. it’s the kind of thing that gets a petrolhead all twitchy just looking at it.

Fight dirty with soap knuckles

Kickass brass knuckle soap. Remember folks, wash your butt, use soap.

May 21, 2009


...then he finished on the podium.
Who needs a cam chain or belt when you've got gears! haha, wow.

stolen from chopper dave.

Printed Garage Wraps

Here's a must have product to simultaneously camouflage your trash-heap garage and annoy your neighbors — "Style Your Garage." Printed tarps to wrap over the garage door with stuff like Ferraris and SR-71 Blackbirds on them.
Attached to the garage with industrial velcro, the product comes in a wide array of designs ranging from a C2 Corvette to a steam locomotive and even comes in two- and three-bay designs featuring a dump truck and a hangar-ed commercial jetliner.

1 more thing you didn't know...

This is what the Finnish Air Force flag looks like.

Click HERE to get your learn on.

(thx to Kyle @ DMC for the lead.)

May 20, 2009

When the Crown Vic just isn't enough...

Zeke snapped this photo while filling up the other day.

More Ken Block!

I found a bonus video made from left overs of the Gymkhana Practice video posted a while back.

Animal Collective.

These dudes give me a broner.

May 19, 2009


This crazy lil Zundapp showed up at the shop the other day. I think it's pretty darn neat! Not sure what motor the dude shoved in there... but it works.


I finally had a chance to snap a photo of the worlds largest roller skate! Dem seventeenz ain't got shit on da dub deuces son.

May 15, 2009

2010 T-Bird is in Detroit!

The demo truck is @ Triumph Detroit this weekend, and they were nice enough to bring the new Thunderbird along for the ride. It's a non runner, but you can touch it all you want. Stop by the shop between now and sunday to see it.