June 19, 2014

Harley Davidson Livewire

Absolutely dope sauce. The fully electric Harley Livewire is a killer. Who woulda thunk it?

June 12, 2014

Hey Chicago!

I'll be all up inside you tomorrow.

Then off to Motown from the 15th - 19th. 

Holla at me!

June 10, 2014


This thing has been floating around the internets for a week or so now, but every time I look at it I like it more and more. 

June 9, 2014

All the Lifestyle. All the Time.

born in 1962 from Scrambler Ducati on Vimeo.

Look over here, surfboarding. Oh wait, no, skateboarding. No wait, horsies in a field. Acoustic guitar, faux retro music saying Ohhh aaahh hohh ohho oh. Or is it manic pixie dream girls.

We out here, doing twee, millenial, cross-platform, collaborative, activities.

There's a motorcycle in here somewhere.

 Born in Ducati, grown in the hearts of Motorcyclists. Back in 2015. #scramblerducati.

 Fuck this.

June 6, 2014

Love these dudes!

I've been missing Detroit a lot lately, and watching this didn't help a bit.

Bummed that I'll be missing Born Free due to my recently acquired injury. 

Great job boys!

June 5, 2014

Dirt Quake USA.

This pic of me was shot by @jenfromthepast (on IG) moments before I high sided like a champ. Unfortunately, I broke a few bones, but I made it out alive! Now I get to stay off the bike for around 6 weeks to recover. Meh.

Can't wait until next year!