May 31, 2010

Easily Amused.

Yes, I know that it says fecies, not feces, but it still made me laugh.

Nice New Nortons.

He's just walkin'.

This is Matt. He is in the process of walking from Rockaway Beach, NY to Rockaway Beach, OR. You can see the details of his trip here, and follow his daily blog posts here. Good luck my man!

New BF HQ...?

CEO Pat and a couple other BF'ers pooled their Coinstar winnings together a few weeks back and took ownership of this fine establishment. Stay tuned for more info.

New Camera.

I didn't go as big and fancy as I was planning, but the one I ended up with does some cool shit. I'm still learning, so bear with me...

May 30, 2010

I love her riding gear.

She must be in the market for some road rash to go with that cast on her right leg.


DP, here are the photos you asked for. Enjoy!

May 27, 2010

Triumph Time.


I don't listen to terrestrial radio, and the only time I turn on my TV is to watch Top Gear, so I am fairly out of touch with anything not directly related to my daily life. I just came across a link on the Tumblr that shows the size of the gulf oil spill in relation to a dot on the map. The black on this photo shows how gnarly it would be if it were pouring out of Detroit. Pretty fucked up.

Mutti's Ride.

More air + more fuel = more power.

Makin' Moves.

Joe has been putting in some hours on the GS1K project by the looks of things...

May 26, 2010

The '57 Harley Models.

Scanned these from the pile of rags I scored on Sunday. A lot more goodness to come.

Click the photos to read the article. I left them big for ya's.

Randoms from this week.

ZON sucks.

Great Lines.

I'll be stoked if mine looks half this good when it's done...

Via [Den of Sporty]

May 24, 2010

Rockers Reunion 2010 - Indy.

Donovan was nice enough to send these shots over... He's the handsome man you see above with Jacqui all up in his business.

Thanks dude!