September 29, 2010


My debt to income ratio is pretty ugly, so my beloved Speed Triple has to go. I rode it home for the first time on April 24th of this year, and have since put over 10,000 trouble free miles on the old girl. I went thru the entire bike when I bought it to make sure everything was kosher... It had been sitting in a garage for 5 years before I rescued it. I did the 12k service to it on monday, so it's got all new fluids and rubber as of this season. I installed the factory accessory seat cowl, flyscreen, and LSL handlebar conversion shortly after I bought it. I also have everything to put it back to stock. Clip on's, mirrors (which will be on it), turn signals, grab rail, etc. The right side rad cover fell off while riding one day, and I didn't feel like dropping $100 on a new one, so I took them all off.

I'm looking to get $3000, but I will go down as low as $2500 + a badass scooter/moped. I need something to race at the Thunderdrome next month! Shoot me an email at if you are interested and we can go from there.

September 28, 2010

September 27, 2010


The best motor Triumph has ever made.


Get the rundown here.

Vintage Brit Party.

Captain Sparkle Taint invited me along to this here gathering yesterday. I don't remember what they call themselves, but they own some damn nice bikes.

September 25, 2010

September 24, 2010


With only a few days remaining, there's still 10 people with perfect scores! Hometown hero Joe Gardella lost a few points in stage 4, so he's still down in 12th place. Maybe a few of the leaders will have a bad day so Joe can get into the top 10!

Photo stolen from Kevin Bean're.

Sully's TLR Fighter.

One of my all time favorites. Head over to the Custom Fighters forum for more streefighter goodness than you can handle.

September 23, 2010


It's official! The first race (in many years) on the velodrome mentioned in this post will take place on October 16th. Bring your road bike, mountain bike, moped, or scooter, and a $20 bill to join in on the action! Buy your tickets here!

I've got nothing to do with any of this. Just helping to spread the word.

September 22, 2010

Triple Fury.

Just more of the usual at Magneto Industries this week...

Sick apes, bro!

Watson apparently giving me a rundown on the controls he thinks I should run on the Legendé...


September 21, 2010


Stone, when you wake up from your fashion week(s) coma nap, lemme know what you think about this thing...


If you're anywhere near Cedar Rapids on Saturday, you should hit this up! The LoL crew has been busting their balls to make this a great show. You can even win some BF swag!


All Clubs Day.

September 20, 2010