November 2, 2009

Back in the D.

As you may have already noticed, Joe and I spent Halloween printing a batch of new BF stickers. I will be sending these out to everyone who has already got or asked for the OG ones, so keep an eye on the mail box. For those of you who haven't already requested some, but want a few, send me an email and I will get 'em out to you.

Andy became an official BF'er with the acquisition of the Anal Intruder. He bought it off Todd for next to nothing. Not gonna lie, I still love this bike.

I finally go to see the Speedy that Joe picked up down here back in July. Good work so far. He's planning on doing a bunch of wacky shit to it this winter, so be on the look out. And yes, the big, ugly exhaust can is gonna be gone.

Todd and I kept the uneven trade thing going on this trip too. I traded him the Taintstick cd for these sunglasses.

Trade #1 was a volcano taco for a brand new pair of snowboard bindings, and #2 was the Anal Intruder for a Fixie and pair of Skate Hi's. We rule.

Speaking of snowboards, WTF is going on with the technology these days!? Lib Tech has totally lost there minds with the Banana Hammock. It's the ultimate pow board! Reverse camber, magne traction, and the thing is shaped like a friggin' surf board. I can't wait to shred some fresh pow on it.

It's the one on the right. The left one is just the normal craziness.


  1. Wish it were that easy to swipe some of em stickers from here.

  2. Great blog. Thanks for the link. Will return the favor. Would kill for a sticker if it's Gonna be in the D in feb. Looking forward to it.