July 11, 2009

I got me a fixie!

Rhythm Todd and I played "let's make a deal" the other day for the Anal Intruder. He's the proud owner of an Intruder bobber, and I got a pretty badass fixie out of the deal!

And yes, Todd is now a Blood Falcon. I'll be heading back down to the Murder Mitten tomorrow with the Legend in the bed of his truck. A '95 Speed Triple, and the Intruder will be making the trip back up. Looks like the start of a U.P. BF crew!


  1. alright, but if i woulda know you were lookin for a bike for the truder i woulda hooked you up fatty style, kid.

  2. i wasn't really looking... and i got a lot more than just the bike out of the deal.