January 10, 2010

3 hrs.

Is all I can take anymore... The ski hills around here just aren't fun for much longer than that. I'm pretty sure they're old landfills converted into ski hills. It takes under a minute to get down the longest run.

It's especially annoying after just spending a week in the U.P. shredding shit that's way more gnarly than anything in these parts.

Oh well, it's better than doing laundry I guess.

Mogulboarding was sort of interesting though...


  1. I hope you busted some sick daffy's in those bumps.

  2. Have you been up to Caberfae In Cadillac? It doesn't compare to any real mountain but its my favorite place to snowboard in MI. short lines and kinda long runs, sometimes through trees! They also have PBR at the bar!