February 7, 2010

Home from Cinci.

The ride down sucked a fat one, but we made it. This is I-75. It was more of an ice rink than an interstate.

The Biltwell Bro-down was a BLAST! Big up's to Bill, McGoo, Mike, Josh, Kyle, Tyler, and everyone else that made it happen. It was definitely a success! I've never met so many good people in one place at one time. I feel like I already knew most of you from following your blogs, buying your parts, watching your builds, talking on forums, or whatever, but it was great to meet each and every one of you.

Congrats to Brad for winning the helmet raffle, and bringing some radness back to the streets of Detroit!

Oh yeah, there was a V-Twin expo too. I'll post some photos of that tomorrow.


  1. Good Times,Good People For Sure......Still rings true Doesn matter where you are its Who you are with...Next Stop Daytona.......

  2. Yeah for sure a good time partying with you guys, congrats on the helmet. My dork customs shirt almost compares.

  3. It was cool meeting the BF crew, keep all the good shit rollin'!