April 25, 2010


Cleaned up the XS, organized the garage, and did some small mods to the Legend and Speed Triple. Speaking of Speed Triple, I finally had a chance to do some work to it yesterday. Cleaned out the carbs, installed some new meats, a new chain, and rode the bitch home. What a tank! Love it.


  1. The Legend-ay will take a piece of my heart with it to Houghton :(

  2. I love your Speed Triple. My 1996 Trident has become more Speed 3 than Triple. If you'd like to see it, check here:


    Speed Triple rear wheel, Yoshimura 3 into 1 exhaust, Lockhart-Phillips mirrors, Superbike bar conversion, some carbon blah-blah and 07 horses at the rear wheel on the Eriico Motorsports dyno.

    Like it?

  3. Way cool! The Hinckley Trident is on my short list of must haves! '95 Speed Triple, '96 Super 3, '99 Thunderbird Sport, and a '96 Trident would be a dream collection to me.