August 9, 2010


R4YL was a blast! I'll have some photos after I get my FILM DEVELOPED. Yes, you read that correctly. I forgot my battery AND memory card at home, so y'all get to see R4YL thru the eyes of a $50 fish eye camera that I decided to take with me for some reason. Good thing I did! Rich and I blasted down on saturday after work. We arrived at about 10pm, met some good folks, had a good time, and a great jam back to the mitten. I hope to make the entire run next year.

Anyways, Nate (aka Shin Guard) rode his Yamaha V-Star 650 powered death machine from Oklahoma. I'm pretty sure the entire bike is held together by JB weld, wire, and tape. It's rad. I'll post some of my photos tonight, but in the meantime enjoy the rest of these ones from Juan Carlos.


  1. Film... oooh period correct LOL!

  2. i love pretty boy nate, i miss his man scent