February 14, 2011

Cool Pan.

Found this bad boy while perusing through the ZON archives in a bout of insomnia last night.


  1. Thats my buddy Jays, my silver pan I did that was in DICE Issue 16
    inspired him to build this
    Turned out coo, it has one of my stainless steel riveted seat pans covered by xian. Repop spriner , chopped up oem wishbone, paint by TJ designs inspired by Robert Pradke he bought the project at an auction the whole rear motor mount pad was broke off. Little of this and a lot of that and whala, it was reborn

  2. I hate that!!(insomnia, not the pan. love the pan)

  3. Yeah Wes, insomnia is LAME!

    Thanks for the info Teach! I was thumbing through issue 36 last night looking at your knuck thinking it needs a BF sticker on the sidehack.

  4. YA man BF sticker would have a spot on the hach for sure!

  5. I wanna ride monkey in Teachs' hack! Of course im speaking metaphoricly!!