March 14, 2011

FIAT 500.

Was making some rounds today when I noticed the new Fiat dealer pulling out it's first batch of cars. I think they look like fun! What we've got here is an Italian badged car, sold in America as part of the Chrysler Group, that's made in Mexico. I'm gonna need a car eventually. Mine is an embarrassing pile of shit. Would I be "buying american" if I were to purchase one of these micro machines? I can barely afford to wipe my ass let alone buy a car right now, but I was just pondering that. I could always spend $10k more on HD trike and look like even more of an asshole.


  1. If you buy one of those I'm gonna push it over!

  2. Why this is better than the Mini?... Get a used Cooper S, 05-06 Model with the supercharger, it has a Chrysler Engine! Here you go solved your "Buy American" dilema! ;)