May 19, 2011

Didn't even have to push it.

Not bad for a 4.2 gallon tank, eh?

I was on the freeway right at an off ramp when she started to sputter and I realized I was already on reserve. Thankfully both lights were green as I coasted that bitch almost a mile to the closest gas station.


  1. What's really amazing to me is that they're raping you guys for gas up there. Please tell me that was at least premium.

  2. Yup, premium. Thing gets shit mileage with anything less...

  3. Thats cheap fuel...
    Over her (UK) that much petrol (regular unleaded)would cost you $46.33 !!!
    Our fuel prices are a fucking rip off...

  4. No doubt! You get double fucked with your high gas prices and imperial gallons.