September 12, 2011

Day @ the 'drome.

I was able to get the scooter back in action just it time to hop on it and head to the park for yesterday's action. I ran it in the Pro-Mod class with all the souped up rig's this time and managed to get 3rd out of 7. The dude that took first had an old Honda Aero that was stupid fast (and sounded like a CR80), and the 2nd place finisher was on a well built Yamaha Zuma. A better start would have got me nothing more than the 3rd place. I couldn't close the gap, but they weren't pulling away from me. The Aprilia is still a damn fast machine for a stock 49cc scoot. Rich took the Riverside down to race in the stock moped class and he brought home a 2nd place finish. Good times were had by all!


  1. that looks fun!! hope you had fun in NYC.. so jealous.. grrr

  2. It was! ...and so was NYC! Start planning for next year!