November 10, 2011

Who's bike?

The Triumph with the arrow pointed at it, not the shovel. 

I'd like to see some more photos of it, please.

Via [Chico Moto]

Terry's bike, that's who's.

These are the only other photos of the finished product I found on his blog.

I like!


  1. That's Temecula Terry's Thruxton. He's actually standing to the right of the bike. Here's his blog:

  2. What I was gonna say. Tim beat me to it. Really tricked out.

  3. We really didn't document the build but you can look for some of his fabbed parts on my blog too.

  4. Cool, thanks Wompy. I can't keep all these damn blogs straight anymore... I used to stop by yours all the time, but haven't been by in a bit. Just added to the feed so I don't forget!