March 19, 2012

I made it back.

Daytona Beach, Florida is a fucking shit hole. Aside from going there to gain exposure or to promote your business, I have no idea what would make someone want to waste a week of vacation days to partake in the stupidity that is Bike Week. I can think of 2,387 things off the top of my head I would rather do. That being said, the company I work for had a few dealers there that a co-worker and I went down to help out. 

I flew down, and my bike got there a day after I did. I worked, ate, and slept for 9 days, then had a great ride back up yesterday and today. I couldn't have asked for any better riding weather. 


  1. The last pic made looking at the rest all worth it. Now quit blogging and take a show before you turn biker.

  2. The ride made it all worth while I'm sure.