May 9, 2012

New Gadget.

My friends like to give me shit for the amount of gadgetry I have on me at any given time. This is the latest. It's a Bluetooth headset/communicator. You can connect to your phone to listen to tunes, to your sat nav to hear directions, radar detector to hear the beeps, and other stuff like that. You can even use it to talk on the phone, but I don't do that when I'm not on the bike so... It's also able to connect to 3 others in a group so you can talk about gas stops and so on when you're out with the boys. Did I mention it does all this wirelessly? 

I spend a lot of time riding around by myself and so far this thing has helped keep me entertained. 


  1. Fuck pulling up next to you and pointing at my tank for gas! Now I can just tell you I need gas? Thats fucking RAD!!!!!!!!

    1. Yep! No more squeezy hand bullshit when you need to fill up!

  2. I have one of these and its super cool when I'm with the ole lady , I don't have to spend as much time looking behind me to make sure shes not dead , broke down or stuck at a light. I find its kinda fun to take a phone call on your bike. Everyone usually says " oh your on your bike? I will let you go " and I'm a big fan of short conversations.

  3. that helmet is sick.