August 26, 2012


The Trident I just picked up had some hella awkward buckhorn stance clip on riser bar dealios that caused instant wrist issues, so I ordered some superbike bars and found some risers in my overflow bin to install on the beast. I used the high tech method of marking the happy spot with the edge of a cd case and poking some holes with my fancy new drill bit. They turned out about perfect! Wayyyyyy more comfortable. I did some measuring after I found a tape measure and I couldn't have gotten much better had I used a real measuring device in the first place. #shadetree


  1. Makes me feel a bit stupid for spending all the money on a Spengler riser plate for my '96 Trident, ten years ago. It does completely change the feel of the bike, for the better, though.

    I put a Yoshi exhaust and K&N airfilter on mine, (after rejetting, it showed 96 horsepower on the dyno), and replaced the narrow 18" rear wheel with a widr 17" SprredTriple wheel so that I could run a wider tire on the rear . A 200 will fit, but I find the sweet spot for handling is in the 180 range, depending on the tire.

    Mine is down with a bad igniter (first one lasted 50,000+ miles, the second one is out after about 5,000 miles, which makes me believe that there is an underlying problem to be chased down), and I really need to get it back on the road. This might be the kick in the ass needed to get me moving on that!

    1. I had the LSL riser plate on my '95 Speed Triple and I knew I could get the same effect by putting these '05-'08 Speed Triple risers I had in my bin along with a set of $25 bars on it. I just got home from a 400-500 mile scoot around lower Michigan and I couldn't be happier with the bike. I've got a '96 Daytona rear wheel on the way as well as a new 180mm tire to go on it. Stay tuned!

      And get your bike figured out, would ya!