September 4, 2012


I could've stayed in town and gone to countless get togethers with friends, but I decided to slab some miles instead. I set out Saturday morning with no real plan and ended up in Indian River for the night. I stayed in a rad old rustic camp with no electric or water that night and it was great. Sunday I set out for Mackinac City for some dippin' dots that I was jonesin' since I saw the sign hundreds of miles down the road the day before. From there I took the east coast as long as I could handle before hitting the inland roads in search of some twisties. I ended up in Greenbush, MI that night and made a bed in the back of a friends van. I took off yesterday morning with a belly full of eggs and bacon and made my way back to Detroit via back roads. 

I did about 700 miles, had a blast, and fell in love with my new bike. 

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