December 14, 2012

25 in 2012.

If you've been following along, you probably noticed I made some rounds this year. It wasn't my best year by far, but I did manage to scratch a few states off the list. 99% of it was work related stuff that wasn't as fun as it could have been had the Brooklyn Invitational and Born Free shows been involved, but it was better than sitting in the office nonetheless.

I'm supposed to be in Seattle right now, but thanks to the decisions of a co-worker, I'm sitting at my desk instead. That could have been another state off the list. Maybe I'll make it to Washington, Maine, Alaska, and Hawaii next year so I can have all 50 covered.

Minneapolis, Cleveland, Indy, Chicago, and Charlotte are all coming up in January and February, so if you're near any of those cities I'll see ya then!


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    1. Dealer Expo AND International Motorcycle Show at the convention center. Feb 15-17. I can get you in both for $0 so lemme know if you're into it.

  2. oh sweet! ill let you know