April 24, 2014

Harley says: Check Your Helmet.

April is Check Your Helmet Month according to your friendly neighborhood pirates over at Harley Davidson. Did you check your helmet Jax Teller?

What's that? Half of your helmet is missing. You got jacked my man. Does that make you mad?

Woah, no need to get aggro. I'd be mad too if I bought a helmet that didn't protect my majestic 90s buttrock Van Dyke. Luckily, there's helmets out there with just as much freedom, but look after that mug.

ICON likes guns and motorcycles too, you can be friends:

Pictured: Peace through Superior Compensation

And they make helmets that protect your face. Do you know that 40% of all helmet impacts are to the face and jaw? It's true.

This crash statistic was heavily referenced in the 1981 study The Hurt Report. The initial study was done by Dietmar Otte of the Hannover Medical School for the Department of Traffic Accident Research in Germany.

They even made a new helmet called the Airframe Statistic with those very crash numbers on it.

 Looking after your face and your cool guy status. Makes you pretty happy right?

Don't worry about your half helmet, and your 3/4, it was an adorable choice while you rode with it.

Thanks again Harley for National Helmet Check Month. Going to get a lot of people to wear the right gear. Who knows, maybe SOA will try out those sweet new Street 750s, or something rad like a V-Rod.

One step at a time.


  1. epic post.
    +1 for the variants... and that statistic helmet was what convinced me to ditch the 3/4 or less helmets and go full time full face.

  2. Haha...great post dude! Sorry we missed each other in Austin, next time!

  3. hahahahah.....who's Jax?