September 28, 2009

First look @ 2010 Triumphs.

Same bikes, recycled colors.

The '08 Daytona SE in the Black/Gold has been my favorite color to date on the D675, and I like it on the new Street Triple for sure. The Caspian Blue/Gold on the Daytona looks ok in the photos, but I'm gonna have to wait to see it in person to say for sure.

Photos stolen from Hell For Leather.

The Rocket III is now the Rocket III Roadster. And it get's more power! Are you kidding me!? Like it didn't have more than enough already. ABS is an option, and the new 3-1-2 exhaust stolen from the t-bird looks a lot better than the current situation. It looks as though the pegs have been moved back a few inches which will be nice. The bitch pads gotta go though!

Rocket photo stolen from MCN.

I've got some insider info on some other model colors, and I'm looking forward to seeing them. The Speed Triple being #1.

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