September 23, 2009

Thruxton Exhaust Mod.

Ok, so I saw this post on Bike EXIF yesterday. The first thing I noticed was the exhaust. It sounds great in this youtube video.

But, I just had to hear it for myself. So when I had a free couple of minutes at work today I fabbed up a set!

I had a set of stock bonnie silencers sitting in the trash pile which looked like this...

I cut off each end like so...

Then welded the two pieces together to look like this...(don't judge the weld job, the entire process to about 20 mins start to finish)

And here they are on the Thruxotn demo... They sound killer!

Total sleeper while idling, but get on the throttle and they scream like mad. Cool thing is, they're like a little mini muffler. The part that used to be the end of the stocky has a baffle thing in it. Keeps it from being obnoxious and gives you the back pressure you need so you're not losing performance.


  1. How much weight did you lose there? That should be a nice loss!

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