October 15, 2010

Know your enemy #3.

This dirty little whore was sticking out of my rear tire when I got to work yesterday...

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  1. Years ago I was scooterin' to my OL's work for a mid day meet 'n greet. I boogied through the back lot of a local Home Depot to get around some stoplights and noticed that I had picked up a "tink, tink, tink" by the time I got to her work. Upon inspection of the rear tire, I found a fuckin' 10 inch LANDSCAPING SPIKE sticking through the face of the tire and out the sidewall. The "tink, tink, tink" was tha' friggin spike hitting the swingarm! To compound the weirdness, the tire stayed UP! Still had to park it 'n get tha' trailer... So much for that mid day "meet 'n greet". =(