October 6, 2010

More 2K11 Triumphs.

My two least favorite models of the current Triumph line are getting some much needed upgrades for 2011. The America get a 16" wheel and fat tire up front, a one piece lower seat, more pullback on the bars, new turn signal mounting location, and some other doo dads. The Speedmaster get a bigger 19" front hoop, a "bobbed" rear fender w/ Bonneville looking taillight, less front brakes, a T-Bird looking headlamp, and some other crap.

All of the 2011 Triumphs are up on the UK site as of right now. Some cool new colors for the Bonnie SE and T100, the worst paint job EVER on the T-Bird, and even some of the god awful phantom blue and red haze on the limited edition '10 T-Birds made it's way to the Rocket Roadster.

I still hate the new S3.


  1. it would be cool if one day Triumph decided to
    make a bike that looks good.