November 3, 2010

Ironhead For Sale.

I'm broke, so I am having an "everything's for sale" sale. I have something you want? Make me an offer! First up is my Ironhead. It's a '73. I bought it just over one year ago and I've thrown a bunch of time and money at it and really didn't get too far with it. I tore the motor down shortly I got it home because I wanted to see what everything looked like inside before I sunk any money into making it a go fast machine. You can see how nice the pistons look. I wiped them with a rag and that how they looked! It's was rebuilt shortly before the previous owner stopped riding it. It'll come with everything you see here. An assortment of wheels. A bunch of engine parts. Clutch, clutch basket, case bolts, oil lines, oil pump, cylinder nuts, cam bushings, drive chain, and a few other bits are just a few of the new parts that are included. There's 4-5 zenith carbs in that pile too. Should be able to make at least one good one out of that! The heads and oil pump aren't in the photos, but I have them. You can see the frame has been de-raked back to stock dimensions. Fab Kevin took care of that job for me. He also slugged in a couple rough spots in the down tubes.

I have a clean Michigan title for it. I'd like to get $1800 for the whole she-bang, but I may entertain any offers close to that. Give me a holler at if you have any questions or to schedule a look see.

This is what it looked like the day after I got it home...

And this is what everything looks like now.

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