December 22, 2010

Less is more?

My old iPod has seen better days, so I asked for a nano for Christmas. As you can see, I got it. That little sumbitch has a 16GB hd, and the brick to the right is only a 15GB. I'm a big fan of technology, but looking at this photo sort of makes me nervous for the future. Are all of our kids gonna be tooling around on period correct Empulses and murdered out Leafs? And what about their kids?

I grew up on a 200 acre farm. Been riding dirt bikes, 3-wheelers, and snowmobiles since the age of 3. I had a game boy for a minute and sold it at a garage sale so I could afford to buy my first pair of Oakleys. Those days are already gone with what we have today...

1 comment:

  1. I have the same brick ipod, got it for 20 bucks and a half a fifth of jack. I hope she lasts forever.