January 19, 2011


Motorhead, Clutch, and Valient Thorr at the Royal Oak Music Theatre on February 23rd. It's sold out, but you can click here to find out how to getcha some.


  1. Damnit!

    Hey Davin, this is Taran. We met at R4YL this year... we had the same tent and I had the XS with the flame tank. haha I had been planning on going to this show for a month now and just hadn't bought tix! Let me know if you come across 2 extra tickets and I'll paypal you some cash!

    Thanks dude!

  2. Yo man! Keep and eye on this link. There's a few there not, but the dipshit is asking $103 for them. Also keep an eye on Detroit craigslist. I will let you know if i hear of any for sale though for sure!