January 21, 2011

Shaggin' Wagon.

That's my buddy Shahin on a recent trip to England talking with the cars owner Seth. Shahin runs a blog about this weird little car that was sold under a number of different names all over the world. I could go one for an hour about all the random facts about the car that I've learned from talking with Shahin about it, but I'll let you click the links and find out for yourself.


  1. Paykan finally made it to BloodFalcons! What an honor! Thanks a bunch Bro!

    This car was sold here in the US by Chrysler under the name “Sunbeam Arrow” also, check out all the facts in my Blog: www.PaykanHunter.com ;)

  2. He might like the Sunbeam Stiletto we posted a little while ago. A Stiletto is related to a Hillman Imp, which is related to a Hillman Hunter. G

  3. Thanks for your comment, but since the Rootes Empire's leftovers are many! I have chosen to dedicate my Blog to only the Rootes Arrow body series. Thanks! I do found it fascinating that Rootes rebadged the Imp as Sunbeam though, since they didn't use the Sunbeam name in UK for the Arrow cars only but only for export market, including the US, which was sold under Sunbeam Arrow! This is probably too much Rootes info for this Blog! ;)