July 7, 2011

Last weekend. The miles.

Read the following to figure out what the maps mean, yo...

I left work on Friday and headed north. The first 100 miles took like 3 hours with all the damn traffic, but after that it was smooth sailing. Once I got to the U.P. the bugs started to get really bad. It was getting late and hard to see, so I got a room in Newberry for the night. There's more deer than humans up there too, so that was another reason to call it a day.

I woke up Saturday and pointed west with the homeland in my sites. Some relatives from AZ were in town, and I hadn't been home during the summer months in a couple years, so I figured may as well. I stopped in Marquette along the way to see my brother and to check out his new pad. It's about 100 miles from Marquette to my parents so I was home early that afternoon. I'm not one to sit on my ass in a house, so I decided to take a little cruise into town. Not much was going on in the big city of Houghton, so I took a ride down the Hancock side of the canal to hit a few twisties before I met the parental units for dinner.

On Sunday I did the run up to Copper Harbor. A lot of fun roads and good stuff to see up there. I've got a bunch of photos that I'll be posting soon. US-41 starts in Copper Harbor and runs 1990 miles to where it ends in Miami, FL. Just beyond the starting point is Mandan Road which was where I did the off roading session. A nice dirt road turns into a shitty dirt road which the turns into a straight up moto-x enduro trials hare scramble jack pine hell run type thing. So gnarly!

I had to be back to work Tuesday, so on Monday I packed up and started the trip back down to the mitten. I met up with my brother again in Marquette and we took a ride out past Munising to the Pictured Rocks lakeshore. I lived up there for 20 years and had never been there. It was pretty damn cool. Photos of this to follow as well. When we were done there, we went our separate ways and I slabbed it back down here. I came super close to nailing a deer at the West Branch exit. Like REALLY close. I glanced down to my rearview and when I looked up the fucker was pretty much sitting on my fender. I don't know how I didn't clip the thing. I did a fur check on the next gas stop just to make sure. Sketchy shit.

So that my friends is how to do 1400 miles in a weekend without leaving Michigan.


  1. Can't wait to see thee pics. A+ for not eating Dear meat!

  2. good story, I'd like to do the Lake Michigan circle tour some time. Tried once on an old bike and failed. Glad you missed Bambi too.

  3. solid stuff man, the U.P. and my motorcycle are yet to meet... soon hopefully that will change. Looking forward to seeing the shots!

  4. Made me homesick man.. glad it was a safe successful trip.

  5. Homesick here as well, ride more and take more photos!