July 3, 2011

Run whatcha brung.

Did 30+ miles of some super sketchy stand-up off road shit today, and had wayyy too much fun! Rocks, mud, sand, water, clay, or dirt... You name it, I did it. I was catching up to people on MX'ers and Banshees and showing them how I did it back in the 80's and 90's! What a blast! Catching air on a 500lb bike is fun! I almost lost it a bunch of times but I still have the touch apparently. Good to know all those years of MX and scrambles weren't all for nothing.

A few minutes with the hammer when I got home and the 3 bends in the front rim weren't too bad... :)

So yeah, I found a destination...


  1. hahaha, shit man, sounds like fun. engine, brakes, wheels, suspension, what more do u need? That dirt track looks perfect for a dirt bike though.