October 31, 2011

On Demand.

Comcast has four biker flicks in the free movies section right now. Diesel and I watched Cycle Savages on Friday, and I checked out this gem last night.

Devils Angels and The Peace Killers are the other two.

On Demand > Free Movies > Impact > Full Throttle


  1. Devil's Angels is GNARLY as fuck. Cycle Savages and Angel Unchained were potentials for this season's "shitty biker movie nights," but i hadn't heard of The Peace Killers. That's a cool title!

    i just ordered "The Big Book of Biker Flicks" from amazon so i can bone up on some of the hard to find gems out there.

  2. I still need to watch Devil's Angels. I started watching The Peace Killers when I realized I had already seen it. Cycle Savages is hilarious!