October 24, 2011

Stubby Tire Tools.

I ordered me up a set of these bad lads after seeing them pop up on webBikeWorld last week. I've been needing some since I don't have a tire machine at my disposal everyday anymore. I've got a set of R1100S wheels in the garage that I'll be trying them out on later this week. 


  1. Let me know how they work out! Then I can order myself a pair!


  2. Did a KLR650 front and a pair of BMW R1100S wheels last night and they worked great!

  3. I use the same set of tire tools I've had
    since I was a little boy.
    I lost them last year but was glad to find them recently hidden away in the bottom of a storage tub.
    my fingers hurt thinking about changing stubborn
    your fancy ass new set looks gay.

  4. Jack used a tire iron that looked like one of those in the late 70s-mid 90s and it worked well. He'd get it under the bead and knock it around with a hammer or rock. Is that how these work? Now he uses old fashioned tire irons again.

  5. Yes Bearshark, jack can use these just like the old days on you. You'll only feel a little pinch :)