February 6, 2012

1CON 1000.

There was a time where I wouldn't have worn anything made by Icon in a casket, let alone out in public. It was the whole squid relationship that turned me off. Go to any bike night in any city and you'll see what I mean. 90% of the people are wearing the same jacket and riding the same bike.

My my, how the times have changed. 

You may remember the review I did on my Icon Variant helmet back in the spring. (I know I still owe ya's a long term update, but long story short, I still love it!) I've been wearing a lot of their gear over the last two seasons and I have to admit I'm pretty happy with it. The Patrol jacket is probably the single greatest piece of motorcycle apparel I've ever owned (aside from my Powerlet heated jacket liner). It looks great, is incredibly versatile, and fits perfect! All that at about half the price of most "adventure" gear on the market today. 

That being said, Icon unleashed a fancy new sub-collection called 1CON 1000 this weekend. Definitely some tasty vittles that will surely make a lot of you give the brand a second look if you've written them off from past experience. 

Keep an eye out for the entire Spring 2012 collection to be released on the 17th.


  1. 100% gluten free and vegan leather goods.

  2. Still a bit slick looking (esp. the helmet) but step in the right direction for sure. How are the prices? I ain't ready to spend $1500 in helmet, boots, gloves and jacket to ride my $1200 ratster.

  3. Prices are acceptable. The jackets are probably a bit more than most looking at this page are looking to spend.