June 18, 2009

TSS1100GP Kawasaki Triple

Aussies are really making 2 strokes SOTA (state of the art) nowadays. If you haven’t checked in with the Two Stroke Shop lately (http://www.twostrokeshop.com), you might have missed this. The TSS1100GP Kawasaki Triple project, a nice tidy modification of a Kawasaki ZX-10r. They remove the engine and replace it with a brand new 3 cylinder, 1100cc 2 stroke. If you remember, these guys have been building the TSS RSS500, a nice little 2 cylinder screamer, and having all of this brainiac 2 stroke geneious, they thought, Eyyyy, why not add another cylinder, eyyyyy"?
This tasty bit of engineering is aiming for 250 rwhp with twice the torque of the inline 4 ZX-10R engine being removed while weighing in at 55 pounds less. Nutty.

They’re planning to build 5 of these engines and if you’re looking for something tyts king, they can put together twins up to 1146cc, triples up to 1725cc, and fours up to 2200cc!!!

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