June 23, 2010

Come out and play!

Ok, so MCHD is hosting this little shindig on friday night... I know a couple of the guys in the service dept there and we wanna try to make this fun! We have a decent group already planning on attending, so you should come too! I hear the movie is awful, but that's beside the point. A bunch of dudes showing up that don't fit the "normal" demographic would be really cool to see amongst the sea of chrome, leather, and flapjack titties. So hop on the bike and come see me, Diesel from the ZON, and whoever else decides to show up.


  1. Damn...I wish I could make it. MOstly for the flap jack titties you speak of...but the movie isnt that bad, really...

  2. I saw the movie but have very little memory of it.
    I'm thinking it was a damn good movie for
    some reason.

  3. That movie sucks so bad, I love it. Make sure you "get right" before you go.

    "That's why I'm the Prez"