June 17, 2010


Dicky D and I had the great idea to try something new and head up to Romeo to see what their "bike night" was all about. If billet barges, road captains, and HOG vests sound like your idea of fun, then Romeo is where you need to be on a Thursday night! I could barely make it thru my meal. We followed the little white arrow and got the fuck outta there ASAP. It was painful. Seriously. I know that we all like bikes for different reasons and all of that happy horse shit, but that is one crowd I will NEVER understand.
So yeah, we got the hell out of there and made it over to the Zen Den just as Diesel was about to fire up the /2 for the first time in two years. Only 7 kicks and she fired up like a rabid sewing machine! Good stuff.

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  1. does the license plate on that bagger say "PEPSI?"