June 15, 2010

That's hott.

A lot of you out there in chopper bobber land may not have seen these epic photos yet, so I thought I'd share. Guy Martin, the baddest road racer this side of Lincolnshire, ate shit on the 3rd lap of the Senior TT race on the Isle of Man over the weekend. He was airlifted to hospital, has some broken ribs, a few cracked vertebrae, and a coupla bruised lungs. But he's alive! I really started liking this guy when I saw some IOM special a couple of years back where he did a step by step tutorial on making the perfect cup of tea. Dude's a ruler. Get well soon!

Photos via [H4L]


  1. From his hospital bed:


    Looks like he's doing well...I'm sure the pain killers are helpin'.

  2. Yeah, I saw that last night. He's always got a fucking cup of tea!