March 19, 2010


If you want to get familiar with Grattan, on April 3rd, Team Chicago has a school every Spring.  for info.

Kevin Callaway's Dad's buddy has been racing WERA (now AHRMA) since the early/mid 80's and has been instructing at the school forever.  Kevin and his dad have also been instructing there for a few years now.  It's only $35 if you pre-enter and I think $50 if you just show up.  Only thing you need to safety wire is your drain plug and oil filter (can use hose clamp).  Easy.  Also have to drain anti freeze and run Water Wetter.

Kevin is instructing group 2 this year.  Morning is track walk, then they have classroom stations in 4-5 garages.  All basic stuff for new racers (flags, bike prep, safety gear etc), but one of the garages is Craig Breckon (multi time AHRMA National Champ) going over the lines of the track on a chalk board.  Super rad old dude who's fast as fuck on the vintage shit.

Then after lunch you run 3 sessions and talk in between.  Lots of cool trick vintage race bikes and modern guys as well.

They have a $100 track day the next day as well.  Not many people stay for it, and I think that's Easter Sunday this year so I'm sure it will be a wide open track.  75% of the time the weather is plenty good to ride.  Come up from Chicago, or down from Detroit, across from Iowa, up from Memphis...

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