March 10, 2010

I need some feedback.

I've been thinking about a getting a new camera for a while now, and I have narrowed it down to these two.

Canon Powershot G11

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3

I know a lot of you out there use the G11. How many of you use the Panasonic? Any of you? Please leave a comment letting me know your feelings on these choices. Do you have one and hate it? Or vise versa? I consider myself an "advanced amateur" in the photo game and I think I have what it takes to put either one of these to good use.

Let me know how you feel. Thanks!


  1. Davin, I've had 2 Pannie Lumix (both exploded), the gennie before this version you posted. I then went to a G9, which was SO rad, even mo radder than the G11, I use now. Im thinkin' that it's close to 6's between the 2. But I know that with that Pannie/Leica trick, it's sort of like buying the Fender Strat that's made in Mexico (pannie) instead of the USA version, both really good, But the USA (Leica) made Fender is REALLY REALLY good. Ya feel me? Bottom line. Both good! G11 is bigger in the pocket doh!

  2. I have the Leica d-lux..Its basically the Lumix.
    I love it....But if I was to do it over.
    I would get the G11..I think it more user friendly.

    The fucking manual for the d-lux is half inch thick.
    But, the pictures are amazing. I dont know that of the Canon..probably just as rad.

    Cheers and beers!

  3. I don't know about the Canon, but that the Lumix is one badass camera. We have a DSLR that we don't even bring around anymore because the LX-3 is just way to easy to carry around and the pictures are just too awesome. It's just way too easy to take really good pictures.

    The sensor is powerful enough to take clear pictures in low light, and the lens is wide enough for general use. Also, lots of cheap attachments are available.

    On top of that the HD video through that really nice lens look really good.

    It's a point and shoot, and it's easy to just let the auto settings take over when quickness is key, but it also has nice manual functions.

  4. i own a panasonic fz18. its a great camera, and ive taken some great pics with it. plus, its essentially a poor man's leica. its has leica optics/software/image stabilization.

    the g11 is a great camera, if you were to buy and use one im sure youd love it. but, for the $100 and get the lumix in my opinion.

    i found a couple good articles (you may have already read these?)

  5. The LX3 is the only camera I carry round these days, my Pro 35mm canon slr and my medium format camera stay home now. I have nothing bad to say on the panasonic. They also have a new micro 3rds camera out with interchangeable lenses, it has a larger sensor.

  6. I'm an Olympus man myself but if I were buying a new Point and shoot it wold definately be a Canon. They are impossible to beat in that segment. That said the Lumix is a serious contender. Very well respected camera. Check out the Ken Rockwell website. He's a real pro who tells it like it is without allhte techie BS. He swears by Nikon for SLR's and Canon for Point and shoot's and does a greatt job of explaining why.

    I'd say you can't go wrong with either one though. Good Luck.

  7. I have the lx3, and my photo skills arent very good, but thanks to the camera you wouldnt know that. I love it.

  8. I'm easy... if Canon makes it, I'll run it. The G11 is pretty bad ass. Little less noise than the G9 had, but it's still not an SLR with dual digic processors. Like all Canon products, it's laid out to work intuitively and it's mega-easy to use, you'll never need to read the manual. On my last two trips to NYC I haven't wanted to pack a "real" camera, so I threw the G11 in my pocket to handle documentation duties.
    If you wanna be a photographer, save your money and buy an SLR.
    If you just want good documentation, the G11 is pretty tits.