March 20, 2010

Dad's new toy.

My mom just sent me some photos of the new rig my dad picked up this week. Thinking about the 200+ acres along with this thing, a bobcat, and a bulldozer kinda makes me wanna go home for a few weeks. Nah mean? Some serious bmx/mx track building is on order.


  1. Oh man... my brother built, rebuilt, and maintained his 1.75 mile supercross style, outdoor track for 10 years with just borrowed Bobcats... you should be able to make just about anything you want with a dozer, Bobcat AND a tracked loader like this! NICE!

  2. He only had the bobcat when we were young, and we built some amazing shit with it. I can't imagine the awesomeness that could be made with all the shit he's got now!